Virginie Bellière-Baca, Sulzer Chemtech
Virginie Bellière-Baca
Senior Vice President, Global Head of Technology and Innovation
Sulzer Chemtech

Virginie Bellière-Baca (nationality: French) joined Sulzer Chemtech as Global Head of Technology and Innovation in August 2023. Prior to joining Sulzer, she held very technical roles at the beginning of her career to more strategic, and global roles along several chemical industries and businesses. She contributed to the creation of an industrial innovation center in Chemistry, to the development of several industrial processes and commercial products. As intrapreneur, technology and innovation specialist with an extended international network, she creates sustainable innovative businesses with companies and talents. Her last five years have been about business transformation, decarbonation, people engagement, partnership building and "excubation" of disruptive initiatives to accelerate sustainable growth.