This year's event featured 2-days of quality thought-leadership content, cutting-edge presentations, debates, insights and ready-to-implement solutions for the next steps in energy transition. Take a look at the highlight reel footage from this year's event:

2023 Highlight Reel


In our post-show survey about at Decarbonisation Technology Summit, Europe 2023:
• 93% visitors said that the content and topics met or exceeded expectations
• 100% visitors said the speaker line-up met or exceeded their expectations

Review the topics that were discussed in the session videos below:

Day 1 - Welcome from the Chair

Jesse ScottDIW Berlin German Institute for Economic Research/Hertie School & Robin Nelson, Editor of Decarbonisation Tech Magazine.

Day 1 - European energy trilemma

Jesse Scott chairs the panel, featuring speakers Miguel Angel Calderón from Cepsa and Joachim von Scheele from Linde.

Day 1 - Industrial Clusters

Chaired by Robin Nelson and featuring speakers Chris Manson-Whitton, CEO, Progressive Energy and Miguel Angel Calderón, Carbon Cycle Director Division – ESG, Cepsa.

Day 1 Building the Hydrogen Economy

Chaired by Robin Nelson and featured speakers Joachim von Scheele Director Global Commercialization, Linde; Thomas Isaac, Associate Director – Energy & Mobility Strategy, KPMG; and Samantha Nicholson, Process Director and Fellow, Fluor. 

Day 1 - Investing in innovation to get to 1.5 degrees

Chaired by Chair: Jesse Scott and featuring Damitha Adikaari Director - Science and Innovation Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ)

Day 1 - Simulation modelling to optimise pathways

Day 1 - Electrification & Digital Technology: CCUS

Day 1 - Carbon neutral as value creation opportunity

Day 2 - Chair's Welcome

Day 2 - Shell’s scenarios

Day 2 - Methane: where do we stand?

Day 2- Renewable feedstocks & conversion technologies

Day 2 - Decarbonisation of transport fuels

Day 1 - Electrification & Digital Technology: CCUS


Our 2023 show was the biggest and most valuable to delegates and exhibitors yet, with 96% of attendees making new industry connections.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our onsite interviews below:

Johann Lainer

Marketing Communication Manager


“The audience is very very focused, a lot of target customers are among the audience here, it’s a small group of very high quality conversations in very constructive ways"

Joachim von Scheele

Director Global Commercialisation


“It’s tremendously valuable, it’s absolutely essential”

Duncan Mitchell

Global Head of Decarbonisation


“It’s important to be a partner, to meet with people in the same space”

Miguel Angel Calderon

Carbon Cycle Director Division - ESG


“I can share my vision, I can hear the vision of others"

Luke Tan

VP - Strategy and Sustainability

Supercritical Solutions

“It’s important for us to participate in events like this to engage with industry"

Chris Manson-Whitton


Progressive Energy

"I can learn a lot”

Jasmine Ng

Energy Innovation Programme Manager

Department for Energy Security & Net Zero

“We need to show ourselves being present at events like this, to show that we’re supportive of industrial decarbonisation”

James Hardingham

Head of Strategic Engagement

Department for Energy Security & Net Zero

“Today’s event is useful for talking about the innovation activities we’re funding”

Sean Jarvis

Commissioning & Field Services Engineer

Carbon Clean

“It’s important to be here, to cement our place in the decarbonisation space”

Patrick Kools

Director of Clean Energy EU


“Events like this are essential, to learn from governments, to learn from other parties, to share what we’re doing. It’s crucial to be here”

Thomas Isaac

Associate Director, Energy & Mobility Strategy


“Everything is going to be done through collaborative partnerships, which are built at events like this”

Matt Bird

CEO & Co-Founder

Supercritical Solutions

“It’s important that we have constructive conversations to find the ways that are going to make a difference for a sustainable planet”

Shak Choudhry

Project and Programme Lead

Department for Energy Security & Net Zero

“Provides a really good opportunity to highlight the projects that we are funding”